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Hello! We are Hanna and Audrey :) and we love boys in Plaid,Blazers, Varsity Jackets, Polo's, Snap-Backs,Stripes, Toms, Surpas, Beanies, Suspenders, Converse, Ray- Brands, and Watches so basically we're a One Direction blog, more specifically a One Direction fashion blog, ask for any request for outfits or imagines or just plain questions :) Enjoy!
2013 Brit Awards with Harry

2013 Brit Awards with Harry

Anonymous asked: Heyy I'm Shari I was wondering if I could have an imagine with Niall where I'm a lifeguard and I save his life. Thanks <3

The hot beating sun hit your skin; I glanced over the beautiful glowing ocean. Everyone seemed fine, I only had to save five people this whole summer it was nice and peaceful. I saw a couple of boys messing around playing football, I watched them for minutes, watching the game, and the blonde one was pretty good. You decide to go get something to drink, as you climbed down the latter you felt someone hit you hard as you saw yourself sating to fall on the ground.

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry!” an Irish accent said.

“Its fine” you said as you started to stand up, you felt strong arms wrap around your waist as support.

“Thanks” you said.

“I truly am sorry” the Irish accent said, you focused on his face; he had nice blonde hair and perfect blueish green eyes. You realized him and his friends were the ones playing football.

 “I said it was alright, honestly”

“My names Niall” he said “I’m Shari” you replied “the beautiful name fits face” he said “what?” you asked “I was sayin—-“ “Niall come one!” one of his friends yelled. “I have to go” you said as you went to get something to drink.

You took the last sip of the water you got earlier, you sighed.

“OHMYGOSH HES DROWING!”A high pitched scream said, it precise my ears. You hurried down the stairs running over towards where the boy was drowning. You dove into the pool feeling the water cover my body, you gasped up for air. You could barely see him, his hand flung up in the air. You started to swim faster; you got to where he was.

“Calm down Shari” you said to you self as you looked frantically for him. You felt a hand around your ankle, you sighed in relief. You grabbed his arm. You placed his arm around your neck as you swam to shore.

You placed his body on the warm sand, you noticed it was Niall you tied to wake him up but he was unresponsive. So you started CPR after about 2 minutes of CPR he coughed up some water. He opened his eyes slowly.

 “Y/N?” he asked, you nodded.

 “Thank you, I owe”

 Later on after he relaxed he came up to you

“I was wondering… If…. Since you save me, and also I kind of hit you earlier… do you want to go out to dinner for me” he asked shyly. You looked down, tiring to hide the fact you were blushing “you don’t own me anything its fine” you said. He grabbed your hand.

 “I’m not just doing it because of that, I also generally do lover your company and you are quite beautifully. And who doesn’t like an evening with a beautiful women” he said smiling.

 “Okay… I would love dinner” you said

“Great” he said excitedly doing a little leap.

Later on that night you guys had a great romantic dinner by the pier.

-Hanna xxx

hope you like it! 

Preference: He's Sad (Harry and Niall)

  • Harry: You walk into the living room and see Harry sitting on the sofa. He's holding his phone in his hand. "Hey babe I'm home." you say. "Hey." he says quietly. "Is everything alright?" you ask concerned. He twirls his phone in his hand, "Yeah." he lied. You walk over to him and put your arm around his shoulders. "You know you're a terrible liar, right?" you say playfully. He gives you a little smile, "Yeah. I need to work on my acting skills." he says, chuckling. "So then tell me what's wrong." you demanded. "Well...I've been getting hate from fans again." he said sadly. A tear fell from his eye. "Oh don't listen to them! They don't know the wonderful you I get to know." you say reassuringly. "It's hard not to think about it." he says . "I know what will make you feel better." you say smiling at him. "I doubt it." he said. You turned his head to look at you and you leaned in for a kiss. It lasted longer than you thought it would. You both paused, "I did make it a little better." he said. "Trust me I know." You both laughed and continued kissing each other passionately as the day went on. (of course it led to other things)
  • Niall: You're in the bedroom reading when you hear Niall starting to play guitar. As you listen, you notice that the chords are off which is unusual for him. You walk into the other room to see Niall sitting on the floor strumming tunelessly at his guitar. "Niall?" you ask as you walk in. He didn't look up, "Yeah Y/N?" "What are you doing?" you ask. You head over to the chair across from him. "I don't know." he said still staring at the floor. "I can see that. Is something bothering you?" you ask sincerely. "Yes there is. Those shower of cunts think that I can't sing!" he looks up at you, his eyes welled with tears. "What shower of cunts?" you ask. "I-I don't even fucking know." he said, starting to get angry. "Exactly." you say matter-of-factly. "What?" he asks confused. "Exactly," you say again, "You can't even remember who they are, so they must not be very important." you shot him a smile. He looked up at you. "You have a badass voice, and they can't handle it. That's all." He smiled your favorite smile. "I love you Y/N." he said. "I love you too Niallers." You dropped down to the floor and sat with him. He gave you a kiss on the cheek and began playing the guitar and singing your favorite song to you. The two of you sat there for hours singing and enjoying each other's company.
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Our Fan Fiction Chapter 1 

Nova’s Pov

“It’s New Years Eve. Smile,” Emma yelled as she poured coffee into her mug. I popped my head into the kitchen and put on a fake smile.

“Very funny,” she said as she grabbed a muffin.

 “At least think about it, kay?” she said. She paused before walking out the door. I nodded; she did a fake air jump.

 “Kay, I got to go! I’m almost late.” She said blowing a kiss then closing the door behind her.

I sighed. I really didn’t feel like partying. I just wanted to relax, watch the ball drop, drinking hot chocolate while listening to Ryan Seacrest telling me about the party of the year. Just like I do every New Years Eve. I looked at myself in the mirror, and fixed my hair.

As I walked out the door, I checked my phone. Are you coming tonight? Sent from Sapphire. I got the same text from Arabelle and Emma earlier. I ignored the text as I walked into Starbucks. The line was long. “Come on…” I whispered. I looked at the counter and Amanda saw me. She smiled at me apologetically as she took the next order. My phone started to vibrate in my pants. Where are you? Simone is gonna freak out! Steve, my coworker, texted me. Traffic. I replied.

“You know, it’s not good to lie.” I heard a British accent behind me.

“And it’s not good to invade people’s privacy.” I snapped back.

“Touché.” He replied.

I looked up to see his face. Basically, the guy was just plain gorgeous! He had perfectly tan skin, black hair perfectly quaffed up, and golden brown eyes to die for. I realized I was staring into his eyes and quickly snapped back to reality. He smirked realizing what I was doing.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to snap at you.” I said trying not to stare at his face for more than five seconds.

“It’s alright, we all have our days.” He said meaningfully.

“Some more than others.” I whispered under my breath.

“Next!” I heard behind me. I turned to look at Amanda.

“Nova!” she said.

“The usual?” she asked me

“Yup.” I said as I popped the “p”.

She smirked and handed me my coffee. I waved goodbye to the beautiful stranger. He smiled and waved back.


I heard my heels clacking as I entered the building. I looked up to see my favorite quote, “I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.” By Ralph Lauren. I looked at the sign hanging above the reception desk. I smiled to myself.

“Hey Ted.” I said waving at him, our building’s security guard.

“Hello Nova. Having a good morning?” he asked me as I entered the elevator.

“Oh just excellent!” I said sarcastically as the elevator doors closed.

He chuckled. I stepped out. Sapphire, Reyna, and Arabelle ran up to me. I almost spilled my coffee.


“Shhh.” I said as I looked around. Everyone was staring. She rolled her eyes.

“Guess!” Reyna said.

“Our company and The Wanted?” I guessed.

“No!” they all screamed.

“Shhh!” I insisted.

“Okay you got the company right, just not the band.” Arabelle said.

“No. It’s One fucking Direction!” Sapphire exclaimed. She looked like she was about to faint as she said their names. The three girls stopped and stared at me as they waited for my excitement. I did know who they were. They were the number one most wanted band at a girl’s birthday party. They were the British invasion everybody was talking about. Their names were Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn; I’ve never actually looked at them or listen to their music mostly WMYB and One Thing which where both good. It’s just that the last year hasn’t really been the best, well actually the last couple of years haven’t been and I had scars and memories to prove it.

I signed not wanting to remember the bad memories and moments that still haunt me. Like Emma says the past is the past and all we need to concentrate our energy now is our future and then say my dad would have wanted that.

I bit down on my lip as I felt the scar on my stomach.

“Nova! How and why are you not spazzing out?” Reyna asked

“Because I only know like two One Direction songs,” I said, they all gasped.

“You poor, deprived child” Arabelle said.

“How did we let this happen, I mean we talk about them all the time? Where were you?” Sapphire asked. 

“Doing work like how you guys were supposed to or spacing out,” I admitted.

“Now take the damn coffee” I said as I handed them to Reyna. I remembered that hot British guy behind me for a second.

“We have a meeting in like a minute” Reyna said sipping her Cappuccino.

I nodded walking towards the conference room I could hear them fallowing talking about that band again. Everyone was stylish as ever, I took notice of Reyna’s, Arabelle, and Sapphire’s outfit. I nodded at myself with approval, but then again what do you expect when most people here are stylist, designers and fashion editors.

“So Nova’s team will be working with them, don’t let us down girls” Simón, our boss, said. She nodded at me as she spoke.

“That will be all” said as she walked out, her Spanish accent still ringing in my ear trying to recall what just happened. At an instant people surround me telling me how lucky I am and how I need to take countless amounts of pictures. I just smiled politely and nodded. I rushed out the conference room Arabelle, Sapphire and Reyna ran up behind me.

“Wait up boss” they said, I walked into my office.

“Alright we have a job, and we need to act professional so if you need to fangirl, do it now! And since you know everything there is to know about these five guys tell me there styles, and characteristics, and personalities I guess,” I said

“Well she means business” Arabelle said, I shot her a look. She stepped back knowing I wasn’t joking. I let out a little smile knowing I was being harsh.

“Okay they’re a preppy styled boy band with an urban twist so it’s the basic blazer, plaid, cardigan, high tops, varsity jackets, and snap backs,” Sapphire said.

“More spastically Harry wears the old school navy blazer with a red crest on the pocket,” Reyna said.  They continued telling me what they usually wear.

I decided to let them do most of the brainstorming since I didn’t have enough time to research about them, and the girls basically know anything there is to know about the boys. We ended up with four outfits which was good, we would have two backups just in case an accident happens. The color schemes are red, white, and blue and they were all color coordinated.

“Kay, um, so you guys order the clothes and tell them to be here in the next twenty to thirty minutes. That gives us time to set up before they arrive.” I said. They all nodded.

“Alright I’ll get some lunch. Any requests?” I asked.

“Anything is fine.” Arabelle stated.

They all nodded in agreement, and I left. I walked around for a while until I realized that I was in the mood for Indian food. I grabbed a cab and told them to go to the vintage-styled restaurant on Fifth Street.

The line was long when I arrived, there where people everywhere. If it hadn’t been the best Indian restaurant in town I would have left.



I ended up talking to this girl named Gwen she was an artist and sold her art collection to Metropolitan Museum of Art (One of the best art museums here).

 “Next” an Indian accent said I turned and smiled.

“Sorry for the wait Madame, what can I get you?” she asked.

“Its fine” I replied, I ended up basically ordering the whole menu.

“Plus five mango ice creams all larges” I added she smiled polite knowing I ordered allot. It ended up being around 50 buck. I gladly paid knowing I would get the ice cream. I went back to talking to Gwen till my food was ready.

“Bye” I yelled to her. A bunch of people yelled back a goodbye; I smiled as I walked back to work. I could hear people talking about their New Years Eve plans, and the annual classic masquerade ball.

I still remembered how I promised Emma to think about it, I told her last year would to the ball with her but I just didn’t feel like. I sighed as I walked into the building. 

Preference: One of Boys Twit a picture of you and him.


@Louis_Tomlinson dont  @Harry_Styles and @Y/T/N look like there having fun! waiting for one of them to fall.


@Real_Liam_Payne A car had to go around them! Nice @NiallOfficial and @Y/T/N keep on playinggg!


@Harry_Styles lets keep it PG!@Louis_Tomlinson and @Y/T/N Couplegram! 


@NiallOfficial Were all eating at the park and I turn and see @Y/T/N  and @Real_Liam_Payne doing this! There are children around! 


@Real_Liam_Payne Zayn’s going to miss @Y/T/N so much shouldn’t she go on tour with us? @zaynmalik Agreesss! 


@Y/T/N means Your twitter name!